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     The gutter crew is consistently professional, doing an excellent job each time. They leave everything clean and orderly. This service is truly worth it!
Travis D.10/07/2024
     The results achieved by the cleaning staff had me speechless; it was remarkable! In addition, they exhibited exemplary courtesy and expertise during their tasks as well.
Jordan Whitewater25/10/2023
     Writing with gratification, I have been remarkably joyful with the housekeeping service I had from this business.
     I was quite impressed with their carpet cleaning services. They did a phenomenal job and charged us less than other companies.
Viola M.21/05/2020
     The cleaning team came fully equipped and organized. Unlike other cleaning companies, OrpingtonCarpetCleaners didn't waste time and didn't have to borrow any of my equipment. They came fully prepared and did everything under 6 hours!
     The thing that impresses me most about Carpet Cleaning Company Orpington is that you can clearly tell the cleaners who work for them love what they do, and are legitimate cleaning professionals, not just randoms from the street. It's clear from their attitude as well as the quality of their work. Keep it up team.
Dwayne Isles13/12/2017
     There is hardly anything more frustrating than having to wash your carpet every few years or so, especially if you don't have the space outside. It takes a lot of dedication and work, but I chose a different way this time - I decided to use a cleaning company instead. Thanks for the great work, OrpingtonCarpetCleaners.
Patricia B.29/08/2016
     I recently had an accident and I couldn't move much, never mind try and do the cleaning of the house. My mother hired a cleaner from Orpington Carpet Cleaning to help with the small stuff and I have kept using their services since. They were very helpful, polite and cleaned even the hidden nooks and crannies. Can't be more grateful!
Louise H.01/12/2015
     I will be honest from the very beginning: I am a single man, I live alone and I work a lot. House cleaning always comes last on my to-do list - and I almost never get it done. Calling for the regular service offered by OrpingtonCarpetCleaners was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I truly think they are the best!
     I had a party week for my mother's 50th and during the evening, someone knocked over a side table spilling two bottles of red wine and a load of peanuts on to the carpet. I covered the area with a rug which didn't look great, and I was really worried that I'd have to get the carpet replaced but someone mentioned this cleaning company to me. OrpingtonCarpetCleaners's cleaners came over recently with a deep cleaner and a bag of solutions which they used to great effect. The stain isn't even visible and the carpet has never looked better!
     OrpingtonCarpetCleaners is such a marvelous cleaning company! I had been looking for a cleaner for some time now, and it's took a long time to find one that fits me to a tee. Their staff are dependable and friendly, and got things done in record time! Every corner from the ones high up to the lowest ones were dusted and scrubbed to perfection! Honestly, my home looks as wonderful as it did when I first moved in, and it's all because of the good work that this company did. If you're on a budget like I am, or even if you're not, check them out!
     Hiring OrpingtonCarpetCleaners for my spring cleaning was the best decision I made all year. I needed a thorough home cleaning, as I was preparing to move house. I needed my home de-cluttered and cleaned so the moving process could go smoothly. The experts at OrpingtonCarpetCleaners knew just how to help. They provided knowledgeable cleaning assistance to help me throughout the process. As a one-time cleaning company, I couldn't have been more content with their services. They were affordable and skilled. Thanks for the great cleaning help!
Jon Ali18/02/2014